The simpler, smarter, and faster keyboard for android touchscreens.

You know your ABCs right? Then you already know Dextr! The letters are alphabetically ordered. It’s superfast to learn and amazingly easy to use. Easy as ABC!
Want a keyboard that speaks your language? With intuitive word suggestions, just tap the first letter and Dextr helps you finish the rest.
Now that’s clever!
Feel the need for speed? Get racing with Dextr – our spacious, finger-friendly layouts reduce errors and increase accuracy so you’ll be texting faster than ever before.

Dextr Screen Shots

Dextr presents three screens with more function keys in user-friendly array. Check out the gallery!

Dextr For Everyone!

  • Dextr is designed specifically for the mobile-only generation
    – and there are now 5 billion of us!
  • Dextr has a range of great layout options and is the ultimate keypad for tablets.
  • Dextr offers text prediction for major languages, with even more to come.
  • Dextr is great for kids – master your ABCs on an alphabetic keyboard.
  • Dextr is ideal for people with special accessibility needs.
  • It even has a handy layout option for lefties!

Dextr Your Device

Dextr has a layout to suit all devices and texting styles.

Typos? Errors? Autocorrect fails? Is your smartphone not-so-smart when it comes to the basic task of texting? Dextr has been especially designed to work across the full range of smartphones and tablets – from the smallest to the biggest. Dextr has been created with a range of clever design features that make it simpler, smarter and faster. Find More.

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The simpler, smarter, faster keyboard for android touchscreens.

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