We’ve been working hard to make Dextr the fastest, easiest and smartest text creation tool ever – so you can become the most efficient texter ever. In this section, you can discover:

A. Why our goal is to make technology easier to use for everyone:
  • Why texting on a touchscreen is not as easy as it looks
  • Why the QWERTY layout is such a total FAIL on touchscreens
  • Why a simple alphabetic layout makes so much more sense than a jumbled mess like QWERTY
  • And why we created Dextr
  • All the cool ways we’ve made Dextr simpler, smarter and faster
B. How we’ve optimized the Dextr design to suit…
  • All sorts of devices from the smallest smartphone to the biggest tablet
  • All sorts of text entry styles:
    – One finger
    – One thumb
    – Two thumbs
    – Even one-handed (with all five fingers)
  • Both left and right handed texting
C. How we’re making Dextr easier for everyone – especially the 5 billion mobile-only generation
  • The best news – you don’t have to spend months mastering QWERTY – how you’ll be off and texting in just minutes
  • Why Dextr is awesome for kids just learning to read and write
  • Why Dextr is ideal for older folks with little computer experience
  • Why Dextr is perfect for “newbies” who are getting their first smartphone or tablet
  • Why it’s fantastic for people with
    – health problems
    – special accessibility needs
    – physical disabilities
    – and even learning disabilities
D. A whole bunch of photos and videos
  • Explaining the science behind the Dextr layout
  • Showing how to set up and use Dextr
  • Demonstrating how fast and accurate you can become in no time at all – with no expensive lessons or special training.
E. The story behind Project Dextr
  • Why we’re doing this
  • Why we believe it matters – and why we care about people the big mobile manufacturers ignore
  • Why we think Dextr can make a real difference to people’s lives,
  • How access to mobile technology can transform the lives of individuals, their communities, their economies and their countries to make the world a better, more connected place.
  • How we got started
  • And how you can get involved

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