The Dextr mission is to make technology easier to use for everyone.

We’re are the mobile-only generation!

We are the mobile-only generation – we outnumber desktop/laptop users by nearly 3 to 1. We live in many countries and speak many languages. We don’t have regular access to broadband, but can access the internet via our mobile phones. There’s little chance we’ll ever own a computer, because we find smartphones and tablets more convenient.  And when it comes to texting, we use an alphabetic keyboard. QWERTY? No thanks. We text with Dextr – because it’s simpler, smarter and faster.

One Alphabet – Many languages

If there’s one common thread that unites more languages and people than any other, it’s the Roman (or Latin) alphabet. In fact, globally, over 5.3 billion people across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas and Oceania learn it in kindergarten and use it daily. We share the same letters in the same order whether we’re in Swaziland, Sulawesi or El Salvador – and Dextr is designed around that same Roman alphabet. It really is as easy as ABC.

Just download Dextr, install a dictionary and you’re off and texting. Dextr’s already available in:

  • English (US & UK)
  • Spanish (both LA and ES)
  • Portuguese (both PT and BR)
  • Bahasa Indonesia & Melayu
  • Filipino (Tagalog)
  • Tieng Viet
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • Polish
  • Hausa

With more languages coming very soon including: Swahili, Hinglish, Benglish and Chinese (Pinyin)

Dextr’s word suggestion function makes texting and typing simpler, smarter and faster. The more you use it, the better it learns:

  • It adds new words to your personal dictionary
  • It detects common phrases and word orders – suggesting the next word before you’ve even typed it.


These days, children start using technology earlier than ever. Doesn’t it just make sense to have an alphabetic keyboard when you’re learning your ABCs?

So give your child a head start with Dextr’s simple, alphabetic layout. It’s a breeze to memorize and a snap to use. And Dextr works perfectly with their textbooks, readers and learning games. Now that’s smart.

We’ve also applied the latest findings in dyslexia research – making Dextr an ideal tool for children with learning disabilities. We keep it simple and logical – a vowel-aligned grid that “chunks” the alphabet in manageable sections. It’s easier to understand, learn and use.

Give your kids the gift of Dextr. Download now on Google Play.


15% of people on the planet are left handed – that’s over ONE BILLION of us! So why are most products designed and manufactured for right-handers only? Scissors, “safety” knives, remote controls, watches, musical instruments, workstations, and yes, even keyboards and mouses. Why are lefties always left-out?

Dextr’s layout flips for optimized left-handed operation. The vowel column aligns with your most dextrous finger – your index finger. How cool is that?

People with disabilities

Most keyboards take for granted that we all have full use of both hands and all ten fingers. Yet there are hundreds of millions of us who don’t. The reasons might include:

  • injuries causing nerve and muscle damage – such as RSI and CTS
  • paralysis caused by strokes or accidents
  • pain and stiffness from arthritis and rheumatism
  • conditions such as muscular dystrophy and spasticity
  • Motor function affected by Parkinsons, Alzheimers or other diseases

There are also millions of us with varying levels of visual impairment that can affect our ability to accurately find the correct tiny grey key on a grey background.

If you experience frustration when texting or typing, check out Dextr’s helpful advantages:

  • Optimised layout for one finger texting – also ideal for head wands and pointers
  • Optimised layout for two thumb typing
  • Optimised layout for one handed text entry – either left or right hand – making Dextr the world’s first five-fingered keypad
  • A compact 6×5 grid – so your fingers travel smaller distances
  • Bigger keys – as big  as possible, without increasing the overall size of the keyboard
  • Round keys – because we’ve never met anyone with square fingertips :-)
  • Generous key spacing – drastically reduces errors while increasing confidence and speed
  • High contrast keys – easy to locate light/bright keys on a dark background
  • Back arrow button – easily navigate to fix any errors in a jiffy
  • Advanced text prediction – reduces your keystrokes by up to 70%

Download Dextr now on Google Play.

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