Typos? Errors? Autocorrect fails? Is your smartphone not-so-smart when it comes to the basic task of texting? Dextr has been especially designed to work across the full range of smartphones and tablets – from the smallest to the biggest. Dextr has been created with a range of clever design features that make it simpler, smarter and faster.

2 Layouts

Do you prefer to text with one thumb, one finger, both thumbs, several fingers at once or some crazy combination of the above? Whatever your preference, Dextr has a keyboard layout for you.


If you’re a one-finger (or one-thumb) smartphone texter, we’ve created a compact 6×5 letter grid, making keys easier to locate and select and also requiring your fingers to travel shorter distances.Dextr introduces a revolutionary one-handed/five-fingered keypad design for tablets. Dextr turns your tablet into the mobile device it was meant to be. You can text anywhere – sitting, standing, walking. Just hold the tablet with one hand and text with the other, making use of all five fingers. Our 6×5 letter grid is mapped to the shape for your hand, meaning you can text faster and more efficiently with the Dextr layout than any other.

Perfect for tablets – text with 2 to 5 digits!


Two thumb texters just love Dextr. We’ve split the keyboard and curved the grid to make it map your thumb’s rotation – everything’s in easy reach to maximise texting speed. The keys are also nice and big on tablets so you’ll gain greater accuracy and speed.Text on the move with your tablet! Simply hold it with both hands and use your free thumbs to text. We’ve optimised the layout to keep the keys in easy reach, while minimizing thumb movement. The keys are also nice and big so you’ll gain greater accuracy and speed.

Thumbz mode is great for tablets.

2 modes

We’ve designed the vowel column to be operated by your most nimble and dextrous finger – your index finger. So we let you flip the layout depending on which hand you favour.


The vowels are the key building blocks of most words we write. So we’ve placed them in the prime real estate of our keypad – right under your right index finger and within easy reach of either thumb.Whether your device is in portrait or in landscape orientation, you can take advantage of Dextr’s unique one-handed/five-fingered keypad on your tablet.


We’ve placed the vowels in the most accessible part of our keypad – directly under your left index finger and within easy reach of either thumb.Our unique left-handed layout is a mirror image of the right-handed version. This places the vital vowel column directly under your left index finger.

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