Introducing Dextr!

The wizard from Oz (downunder), Mister Johnny Lambie unveils his creation!

Text with Dextr

Drumroll…ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present Dextr!

First impressions

Is it love at first sight? Watch people meet Dextr for the first time.

Touchscreen Trouble

Things that make you go ‘grrrr’ about your cool new smartphone or tablet.

Rockielyn Tolentino, Super Texter!

Our friend Rockielyn in the Philippines used a QWERTY touchscreen keyboard for years, yet she typed at only 17-19 words per minute. After just a couple of months typing with Dextr, she was typing at an amazing 53 words per minute – with just ONE FINGER!!!. That’s 3 times faster with Dextr, and with far fewer errors! You can see she’s not even using the suggestion bar to help increase her speed and accuracy. Go Rockie!

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