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Awesome! Best keyboard I’ve had!!!
Brylle Rosal
Love it!!! The word-prediction works like magic!!!
Mikah Hur
Wow – so easy to use. I like the thumbs option best. Getting pretty fast now.
Lucas Kennedy
Marco Mitch
5 stars!!!! I truly love this app! Doesn’t require me to memorize the position of the keys for it’s already in alphabetic layout. Will stick to this keyboard replacement!!
A Google User
Tablet version rocks I’m using it on my phone and tablet too. I like it on the tablet better.
Lizzie Helen
Way better!!! I thought I have to stick to my old keyboard app. I have tried using several others until I found Dextr!!! OMG, I don’t have to waste my time looking for another keyboard. I’ll stick with this one!!
A Google User
Amazing! This application suits my taste. Really amazing how buttons are well organized, might difficult at first but! Easy to get used with it! Thumbs!
A Google User
Incomparable!!! Yes! Finally, the long wait is over. Dextr brings back what true keyboard is. SUPERB!!!
A Google User
Love it! Very responsive, no problem with the learning curve and yet, this is the beta version!! Can’t wait once it comes out of beta!!
A Google User
Best thing since sliced bread. Why did we have to wait so long? Now I just zip through my texting no problem!
A Google User
Great App!!! Got familiar within a few minutes of texting, I’ve read this is just the Beta version, can’t wait to use the full one!!
A Google User
Simple idea, but still good one! Very easy to use, if you want qwerty go download a qwerty one. This is new, and a joy to use.
A Google User
Finger-clickin’ good. I make a lot less mistakes already. Nice one Dextr!
Gary Thomas
Excellent app! Hard at first for I am used on typical qwerty keyboard but now it is as easy as 123 or ABC! Exceptional
Jessel Montalban
Excellent App!! So easy to use and is very convenient, got familiar with it within a couple of hours!! Love it!!!
A Google User
Excited by revolutionary keyboard I sat in on the developer’s presentation at Mobile Monday Brisbane and was gobsmacked to discover that there is simply no good reason for the qwerty keyboard: it’s difficult to learn, not intuitive and in fact was developed to slow down typists because the old typewriter machines jammed when typing was too fast.
A Google User

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