1. Choose a layout: Fingers or Thumbs
    Do you prefer to text with your fingers or your thumbs?
    Settings > Dextr layout
  2. Right or Left handed?
    Do you text with your right or left hand?
    Choose a side at: Settings > Dextr mode
  3. Add a language dictionary:
    You can download and install as many Dextr dictionaries as you needed.
    installing too many dictionaries may affect Dextr’s performance.
    Settings> Additional Dictionaries
  4. Select your primary language:
    Press the [globe] button on the punctuation screen.
    Go straight to the language toggle by long pressing the RIGHT space bar on any screen.
  1. Start texting: Easy Alphabetic layout
    All Dextr’s letters are arranged alphabetically (except for the ‘Z’- that’s the only memory trick required).
    It’s as easy as A B C.
  2. Start Texting: the vowels
    All Dextr’s vowels are highlighted and aligned in single column.
    Just think A E I O U.
  3. CAPITALS and lowercase letters
    For Capitals: just tap the [A] button.
    For lowercase: just tap the [a] button.
    For ALL CAPS: press and hold the [A] button.
    When the  [A] is glowing blue, you’re in ALL CAPS mode.
  4. Numbers, math and currency symbols
    Just tap the [1] button on the left of the screen.
  5. Punctuation, help & settings
    Just tap the [:-] button on the left of the screen.
  6. Adding a space
    There are two space bars on the left and right of the screen.
    Tip:Selecting a word from the prediction bar automatically adds space after.
    1. Long press the LEFT space bar to go direct to Dextr settings
    2. Long press the RIGHT space bar to select your primary language.
  7. Special characters
    Press and hold a letter to see its special character options.
    Tap to select.
    Press [X] to close and return to normal keypad.
  1. Moving the cursor
    Tap the backarrow button [<-] to move the cursor backwards.
    Or directly tap the place in your text where you want to position it.
  2. Delete/backspace
    Tap the ‘backspace’ button [X] to delete a letter.
    Press and hold the ‘backspace’ button [X] to delete an entire word… keep holding to delete more words.
  3. Enter/line break
    Tap the ‘enter’ button to enter text or to create a new line.
  1. Word Completion
    Increase your efficiency by saving keystrokes – let Dextr finish the word for you.
    Just type the first few letters and select the correct word from the prediction bar. Dextr automatically adds space after it.
  2. Word Correction
    Missed a letter? Or hit the wrong letter? No problem – just activate Word Correction and let Dextr suggest correct spellings.
    Settings > Word Correction
  3. AutoCorrection
    For fast spelling correction, activate AutoCorrection. Suggestions are highlighted in the yellow bubble.
    Settings > AutoCorrection
  4. Next Word Prediction:
    Dextr learns your writing style. Let Dextr suggest the next word in your sentence.
    Just select the word you’re after from the prediction bar. Dextr automatically adds a space after it.
  5. Add new words to my Dextr dictionary:
    If a word you type is not in the dictionary, Dextr automatically adds it for you.
    Note: If “AutoCorrect” is turned on, you need to manually add it: Press the word in the white bubble (with the + sign) to add it to your personal word list.
    View your personal dictionary at: Settings > My personal word list
  6. Delete words from My personal word list.
    Simply press the red X to delete a word from your personal dictionary.
    Settings > My Dextr dictionary
  1. Help:
    Need help? Simply go to the punctuation screen and tap the ‘help’ button.
    Settings > Help
  2. Lost? Just go to the Settings:
    The settings button is on the punctuation screen (just tap the [:-)] button)
    Shortcut: Go straight to Settings by long pressing the LEFT space bar on any screen.

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